Dysfunctional Wikipedia; Winning a Webby

Meliza Solan Surdi · June 13, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/8d5

What am I Missy, Episode 23

Have you ever wondered what Wikipedia or a portion of Wikipedia would look like printed? For some reason Rob Matthews printed out 5,000 pages of Wikipedia's featured articles. Why did he do it? According to Matthews: "Reproducing Wikipedia in a dysfunctional physical form helps to question its use as an Internet resource." Although I am not sure what point Matthews is trying to make, I am curious about his pants and sneakers.

See: The first printed volume of Wikipedia

Adam D’Angelo, the former CTO of Facebook is starting his own company. He recently won $25,000 for being recognized as someone with "Engineering Leadership". As part of his Tech Fellow award, D’Angelo must invest the $25k in his own startup or in another. D’Angelo has been around Facebook since its formative days and holds some pretty valuable options. I can’t imagine he needs the $25k for his own company. He should really invest in a company who needs it.

See: Former Facebook CTO on his $25,000 award

The 13th annual Webby Awards were held recently. Honored with the Webby, which by the way looks like a very big wine opener and slinky combined, was a star-studded cast from Lisa Kudrow to Arrianna Huffington. They had some pretty memorable one-liners during their acceptance speech. One of my favorites was Arianna Huffington who said, “I didn’t kill newspapers”.And there was Biz Stone who said, “Creativity is a renewable resource”. Well, isn't that true. Thank goodness for coffee to help renew my creativity.


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