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Bambi Francisco Roizen · April 15, 2009 · Short URL:

Nokeena opens its doors to video publishers and content delivery networks

If you're a video publisher or are part of the infrastructure to deliver video, Nokeena has a solution for you.

Nokeena, a startup that launched last year and raised $8.7 million in venture capital from Clearstone Venture Partners and Trinity Ventures, officially opened its doors on Tuesday.

The Santa Clara, Calif-based startup has developed a software appliance that helps deliver Internet video in high-quality, TV-like standards. For instance, companies that deliver video in progressive downloads, like, at the popular bit rate of 400 kilobits per second, can have that video delivered at the standard television-quality rate of 2 megabits per second. The end result is crisper and clearer videos with no buffering. 

In this video interview, I spoke with Rajan Raghavan, co-founder and CEO of Nokeena, about the advantages of using his service. Raghavan said the advantages of using his service - besides the higher-quality video delivery - is the cost savings for publishers and content deliver networks (CDNs). The savings to CDNs is about 55% to 60%, he said. Content publishers save in bandwidth and delivery costs, to the extent the CDNs share this savings.

There are various ways for video publishers use the Nokeena service. Nokeena currently works with CDNs and is in discussion with service providers, such as Comcast, to augment the video delivery process and reduce inefficiencies. Nokeena is also working to integrate itself into the Amazon cloud. Additionally, if you're a video publisher, such as, and have your own delivery network, then you can work directly with Nokeena. The business model for Nokeena is currently "flexible," said Raghavan. Typically, Nokeena charges a one-time licensing fee, but it can also work with customers to pay on a recurring basis. 

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Ankeena Networks is a leading provider of new media delivery infrastructure solutions.  Ankeena's innovative Media Flow Director powers 3-screen delivery of live and on-demand rich media content, and also serves as a platform to integrate comprehensive solutions.  Ankeena's solutions deliver online content at a massive scale while providing a television-like viewing experience for media and dramatically lowering delivery costs.  The company offers purpose-built software appliances that combine deep media intelligence and open architecture to provide complete flexibility to providers. By leveraging Ankeena's solution, content and service providers can lower delivery costs while increasing profits over time. For an example of Ankeena's solution in action, visit Ankeena is based in Santa Clara, Calif., and the company's web site can be found at


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