Whrrl.com Interview with Josh Chandler

Josh Chandler · April 8, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/7e3

John Kim, Head of Product and Marketing at Whrrl.com talks with Josh Chandler

So, just tieing up some interviews that I had trouble scheduling beforehand, I have just one more after this scheduled to be recorded, and this will complete my audio recordings for the near future, see my post I made yesterday about the changes that are happening for me


John Kim, Head of Product and Marketing at Whrll spoke with me today about the company, the new iPhone App and how social networks are being uniquely defined by the "Story-Telling" functionality of Whrll, this application is really defining the location aware market in a whole new way, I am especially excited about the Eye-Fi connectivity that Whrll and Eye-Fi have partnered to do.

Thanks to John for coming onto the interview.

For more information on Whrll go to:


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