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Josh Chandler · April 2, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/7cb

Kevin Rivers and Tony Pytleski of Watunes.com talk with Josh Chandler of joshchandlerblog.com

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About Watunes.com

WaTunes (Vator.tv Profile) is a social media distribution service that enables music artists and record labels to sell their music to over 100 music store services including iTunes, Napster, and eMusic. Artist and labels can sell unlimited songs & albums and earn 100% of their royalties ALL FOR FREE!!!

WaTunes also provides a whole new social music experience that enables the fans to connect and discover new music, purchase ringtones, and communicate with their friends, family, and favorite music artists.

Tony Pytleski  (@tony_pytleski) and Kevin Rivers (@kevin_rivers) spoke with Josh Chandler of joshchandlerblog.com about Watunes.com, the platform and how social interaction is starting to connect independent musicians to their audience in a more intimate manner as opposed to the old model of Myspace profiles, the exciting news about the platform during the interview particulary emerged around the talk of Watunes 3, you will have to listen closely to hear all about the new features of Watunes in Watunes 3.

Thanks to Tony and Kevin for a great interview, for more information on Watunes go to:



And also keep in touch with my blog for future developments of Watunes at:



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