TubeMogul raises cash for online video tools

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Online video analytics and distribution service, TubeMogul, raises $3 million

 As online video consumption continues to grow across the Web, video analytics and distribution tools continue to be in need.  Earlier this month, Visible Measures raised $10 million for its video analytics tools.  TubeMogul, which also tracks videos isn't getting left behind.

TubeMogul, an online video analytics and distribution service, has raised $3 million in funding from Trinity Ventures.  

The company was founded in 2006 by Brett Wilson and John Hughes, both who met at UC Berkeley grad school.  TubeMogul opened its free beta in November of 2006 and began offering premium paid services in January of 2008.  With this round of financing, TubeMogul's total funding comes to $5.2 million.

TubeMogul currently serves 75,000 users and is now tracking hundreds of millions of video streams.

Dave Toth, an early investor in Tube Mogul, believes the company will be cash-flow positive by the fourth quarter of 2009.  The company offers free services for video syndication, but the big bucks come in from its premium services which start at $500 per month.  Some of TubeMogul's more well-known clients include, CBS Interactive, ABC, PBS, SONY and WB.

The Emeryville, Ca., company wants to make it easy for anybody to upload, distribute and track online videos.  It plans on using this investment to improve on these services and accelerate what it explains as the, "standardization of its online video analytics."

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Founded in 2006 by online video buffs who met while in graduate school and won the UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition, TubeMogul's objective from the start has been to empower online video producers, advertisers and the online video industry by providing publishing tools and insightful, easy to interpret analytics.

With TubeMogul, users upload videos once and TubeMogul deploys them to as many of the top video sharing sites the producer chooses. TubeMogul's integrated analytics then provide a single source of metrics on where, when, and how often the videos are viewed. TubeMogul's free beta service has been live since November of 2006. In January 2008, TubeMogul announced the launch of its Premium Products, which include a host of new professional features.

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