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Josh Chandler · March 30, 2009 · Short URL:

Rich Littlehale, Co-Founder of talks with Josh Chandler

On Friday March 27th, I sat down in a "virtual audio interview" i.e Skype call with Rich Littlehale (Twitter/LinkedIn) who is the co-founder of paid incentive recycling web service, Rich is someone I really feel inspired by, he is really taking the entrepreneurial challenge to heart, currently taking a year out of Yale where he is doing a History major, yeah, if you can link being a history buff and being an entrepreneur in charge of a online recycling service email me :)


I would like to thank Rich for his time, particularly as we recorded at 6pm EST on Friday which for many is the time you are meant to be out of the office, but he was a highly motivated individual who provided some great content, and I didn't doubt for a second he hadn't done interviews before, he was better then some seasoned entrepreneurs I have interviewed in the past! (Rich, I hope you agree and enjoy the recording)


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