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Chris Caceres · March 3, 2009 · Short URL:

Tynt Multimedia, raises $5 Million for its Tracer product

 Copy and paste is like second nature for an Internet user.  We copy and paste links, quotes, photos and embed codes all for the simple sake of sharing.  This creates virality and viewership of content across the web.  

It’s no wonder then that, Tynt Multimedia, a company that has created a product to trace copy and paste, just snagged a $5 Million Series A investment.  The investment was led by iNovia Capital and backed by existing investors Alberta Value Added Corporation.

Based out Calgary, Canada, Tynt has a neat product called Tracer.  Tracer enables users to track what is being copied and pasted from their sites.  If a user’s content is copied, Tracer automatically adds an attribution link so that the user can claim it as their own.  

Tracer offers an analytics feature giving the exact number of words copied during the selected period of time.  It incorporates engaging features like word clouds to emphasize the top copied words.  See dashboard below:

Tracer is currently a free product and in Beta stage.

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