Identifying personality is a hit for Imagini

Chris Caceres · February 26, 2009 · Short URL:

Imagini scores $13.5 million for its VisualDNA technology

Figuring out ways to sell to consumers in these rough economic times is of interest to investors.  

UK based, Imagini, just raised $13.5 million for its VisualDNA technology.  They've been identifying peoples personalities since its founding in 2006.  VisualDNA attempts to understand and connect with consumers through visual personality tests.  You can try it out on their site Youniverse, where users have a profile created for them based on how they answer questions to images presented to them.  For example, “This is how I like to enjoy music…” would looks like this:

This second round of funding for Imagini, is backed by Horizon Ventures, NorthZone Ventures, and Atomico, which are obviously happy with Imagini’s numbers.  The VisualDNA quiz has been taken by more than 15 milliion people around the world.  To add to that, Imagini’s site, Youniverse, has 1 million unique visitors per month. 

Imagini has sold their technology to several companies including MSN,, Pepsi, and the Army.  These companies use the VisualDNA data to better understand their target audiences and develop online marketing campaigns based on the results. 

As for the funding, Imagini will probably use some of it to further develop VisualDNA.  Imagini's just announced they are working on a VisualDNA plug-in that will allow website publishers to create their own free online quizzes. 

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