Forget email lists, try cost-per-lead (CPL)

Bambi Francisco Roizen · February 13, 2009 · Short URL:

Pontiflex helps publishers/sites monetize their co-registration process with cost-per-lead solutions

During these recessionary times, publishers and online commerce sites need to consider all options when it comes to monetizing their sites.

One way to monetize a site is to sell users as leads at the time of registration. For example, when you're checking out at Orbitz, you may see a list of ads for some service. If you accept to receive any information from those services, you're actually worth something - possibly several bucks - to Orbitz. It's additional revenue that's something to consider.

On the flip side, the beauty for the advertiser is that they get a certain amount of information from you, like your email, and they get a pretty qualified lead. 

One startup, which raised $2.5 million at the start of 2008, trying to be the deliverer of these qualified leads is Manhattan-based Pontiflex. I caught up with Zephrin Lasker at the AlwaysOn OnMedia conference in New York last week. Here's Lasker's take on the business of providing cost-per-lead advertising solutions. 

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Pontiflex is the first open and transparent cost per lead (CPL) market. Advertisers connect to interested consumers through Pontiflex and pay only for brand-specific marketing leads, not just clicks or impressions that might never convert.

Pontiflex AdLeads offers publishers, advertisers and agencies a single point of connection for CPL media buying, management and optimization. Because Pontiflex AdLeads is open, advertisers and publishers can use manage all of their campaigns (even those not generated through Pontiflex) for no charge. Because Pontiflex AdLeads is transparent, advertisers can optimize campaigns by mapping leads to their sources and increase returns even further.

Advertisers use Pontiflex to generate marketing leads for their newsletters, direct marketing campaigns, member loyalty programs and vendor-specific sales efforts.

Pontiflex is proudly backed by New Atlantic Ventures and Greenhill SAVP.

Click here to sign up. If you wish to find out more information, please email us at or call 1.888.877.3947


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