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Rich Reader · February 9, 2009 · Short URL:

The art of forgetting, as explained by Rob Key, CEO, Converseon

By way of introduction at the OMMA Social SF panel entitled "The Odd Couples: What Happens When Social Media Agencies and Advertising Agencies Hook Up?", Rob Key (CEO and co-founder of Converseon) explains "The Art of Forgetting" approach to helping brands overcome their excuses for failure in the Social Media milieu. 






Rob challenges the rationale for why things are done in the same way that they have always been done. 

He believes in burning down past frameworks and starting from scratch.  Once liberated of former constraints through the "art of forgetting," the three fundamental pillars for leveraging social media are:

1) Deployment of Listening and Engagement technologies

2) Organizing programs and objectives around the content and issues which are gleaned from listening.

3) Restructuring client enterprises, re-engineering their client infrastructure and legal policies to allow effective media programs.

Mr. Key's "Enablers" are an essential companion to Dan Buczaczer's "Rules and Roles".


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