One True Media raises $9 million

Chris Caceres · January 8, 2009 · Short URL:

Video upload service taps DAG and Kleiner to fund video creation technology, SpotMixer

 Cutting costs and automating services seem to be a smart trend to follow if you're looking for success, especially in the expensive world of video production. Why edit media when you can simply mix it into generic templates for virtually nothing?  To top it off, your videos will look like others, thus seemingly acceptable. 

Redwood City, Calif.-based One True Media, a site and service that allows users to upload videos, photos and easily mix them into collages, on Thursday said it closed $9 million in Series B funding.  The purpose for this round is to grow its online advertising service, SpotMixer.  The funding was led by DAG Ventures and followed by existing investor, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

SpotMixer, offers a similar service to its parent company, but targeted at businesses.  It’s basically an automated ad agency where you can upload your videos and photos into a template and 'mix' them together to create what they claim, is a ‘professional’ looking commercial, eliminating the need for an agency and a video production crew.  

 Among SpotMixer’s offerings, your do it yourself commercials can be hosted, ready to embed, posted onto YouTube, and if you really want to share your masterpiece with the world, aired on cable television. 

After ad placement, SpotMixer offers campaign data.  Their services start at $49/month.  

Their sample commercials seem acceptable, but coming from my own video production background, unimpressive.  Ultimately, you still have to upload your own videos and photos into their do it yourself templates, so depending on how professional looking those photos and videos you shot turn out, that will sort of determine the quality of your final video.  

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