Has Twitter got a new best friend in Google?

Josh Chandler · December 15, 2008 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/5e1

Twitter is now part of the growing "Google Friend Connect", a great conversation partnership?

 Today the Official Google Blog announced that the popular microblogging service Twitter.com would be joining the new open interactive social platform “Google Connect“. Twitter has been largely adopted since its launch back in back in 2006 by many as way to socially interact,each Twitter has a unique view on things and they follow, reply and create a mini community on their Twitter page.


It seems Google has realized that harnessing the existing power of Twitter’s vast network of users is going to pay off divends to growing the “Friend Connect” platform out exponentially, the easiest way to understand why Google will have tapped into Twitter’s network can be seen from this Compete.com comparison between Google’s own microblogging solution Jaiku.com and Twitter.com:

Although, on the other hand it may been seen that this is just a tipping point for Google and Twitter to help grow each other’s platforms out, firstly Google Friend Connect is all about in my opinion collecting all the most relevant users and friends into one area and creating a social platform on your site for them to engage in, it’s a very exciting development which will continue to ferment into something great in the near future.

I suggest in theory that Twitter has a new friend in Google, because I believe that their common idea on creating a conversation works well and enables as Wired.com puts Google to have  “portable social tools on the larger web”, but what has turned out to be an interesting battle between Google and Facebook for the greater conversation control on the web, could be spurned by Twitter choosing Google over Facebook, I don’t believe everyone would wholeheartedly agree on that point,some don’t! But I think early advantage will be going towards Google, and if Facebook will want to have a larger social impact on the entire web it will need to be more focused on getting other key figures which will become few and far between as Google continues to rein in the big guns into Google Friend Connect.


Image Source: https://www.techcrunch.com/

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