Funding roundup - week ending in 12/6/08

Meliza Solan Surdi · December 7, 2008 · Short URL:

GoFish, Angie's List, Lucid Media are among companies that raised some funds

Here's a look at some of the funding announcements across the social network, community, video, digital media and advertising sectors.

 GoFish raised $22.5 million from Panorama Capital, Rustic Canyon Partners, and Rembrandt Venture Partners , according to a press release. The San Francisco based youth oriented start up is a digital media company that focuses on content geared towards children, teenagers, and their parents.  GoFish now reaches a monthly average of 69 million unique visitors globally and 25 million domestically.



 ExtendMedia Corp. raised $10 million from Atlas Venture, Venrock Associates, and TVM, according to PE Hub. The Newton, Massachusetts-based start up is a provider of online video distribution software and services. 


 uTest raised $5 million from Longworth Venture Partners and Egan-Managed Capital, according to a press release.The Southbourough, Massachusetts-based company is a marketplace where other companies can “crowdsource” the testing of their software.

KZO Innovations Inc raised $1.68 million from Valhalla Partners, according to PE Hub. The Herndon, Virginia-based start up is a provider of live onsite video webcasting services. KZO's initial commercial offerings are based its Web 2.0 platform that delivers a powerful multimedia environment for perpetual knowledge exchange and communication.

Koofers Inc. raised $500,00 from Altos Ventures and North Atlantic Ventures, according to Digital Media WireThe Reston, Virginia-based company is an online community that provides data to help students keep up with their classes.


Globant raised $13 million from Riverwood Capital and FT Ventures, according to a press release.The Latin-American company is a provider of software product development and IT maintenance outsourcing. Globant is deeply committed to developing applications that increase the adoption of OpenSocial among different social networks. 


Neocase Software Inc. raised $10 million from Caisse des Depots et Consignations and Iris Capital, according to a press release.

The San Francisco, Cali-based company is a program developer that facilitates customer service operations.


Lucid Media Networks raised $8.8 million from Lake Street Capital, RLI Partners, Melton Investments, Redleaf Group and Silicon Valley tycoon Milan Mandaric, according to a press release. The Reston, Virginia-based startup is an online contextual advertising platform which optimizes display advertising performance for advertisers and their agencies, as well as ad networks and publishers.

Angie's List raised $7 million from Battery Ventures, according to VentureBeat.  The Indianapolis-based company combines local search and user-generated reviews. According to the New York Times, for companies like Angie's List, there are more business listings in cities where the review company has been operating longer

SmartFundit raised $5.2 million from BayTech Venture Capital, according to a press release. This company is committed to creating the world's first online finance exchange. It also operates an online marketplace for technology leasing. raised $4 million from US Venture Partners, according to PE Week Wire. The Santa Barbara, Cali-based website lets users hunt for online coupons and discounts with the goal of helping consumers save money.

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