I am ready to hire someone for editing!

Josh Chandler · November 26, 2008 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/58a

Spot the mistake here? Well, I feel it's time I introduced a professional style to my blog!

So, when I started my blog earlier this year I had so much enthuaism for writing the content, which still exists 110%. However, even with my own voice and opinion on the matter I really want to be able to help readers have a more comprehensive view of my writing, that's why I need you (the budding editor) to come and work on a project for a 2 week period to help edit my articles.


This is all on a part time basis, more information is provided both in the video and at the below link:

Elance Link

Check out Meliza Solan (original owner of the drinking of Coffee in a video) and her new show "What Am  I Missy" on Vator.tv:


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