Just how secure can you make an email message

Josh Chandler · November 25, 2008 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/585

Sendinc.com aims to provide you with "the same algorithm the NSA has deemed fit for the encryption"

 Well, don't say you didn't believe the people of the interweb could get any more parannoyed about transmission of messages, but I think we just hit a new time high with Sendinc.com, a email messaging service which is encrypted and has "the same algorithm the NSA has deemed fit for the encryption of TOP SECRET information"

Now, I must just point out how I believe it is valid to have protection for certain legal documents, personal password and passcodes etc. But I just have make a double take when the site claims to have "the same algorithm as the NSA", of course unlike the UK Goverment it appears the NSA are very good with protecting data, which gives me slightly renewed hope for this service.

The simplicity admittedly of this service is how a user is able to use a simple web form to fill in their data, followed by their message and send it on to the recipient, easy enough huh? That's where the fun stops, because then in order for the recipient to open up this encrypted email they have to return to Sendinc.com and sign up for a FREE account!

If this company truly believes in its product, it will naturally want to grow its user base exponetially but that is only really acceptable in certain circumstances, reading email is not one of them, the user base should really be dictated by word of mouth but it becomes a vicious cycle as to what a  user should do!

The added bonus of this service is the use of sending secure attachments as well, this is really what the service will be successful on in the long run because the data placed in attachments is likely to be far more important then the message itself.

Having only just recently started the company, CIO Jason Buchanan says in the blog:

"the Send.™ homepage was built to work the way a website "should" work."

Personally, I do see a very slick look service on the screen, but on paper will this idea of secure sending really stand the test of time?


Image Source:  https://www.sendinc.com

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