A Twerson needs to understand Tweeple Speak!

Josh Chandler · November 25, 2008 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/582

Twittonary.com aims to provide Twitter.com users with a dictionary on what Twitter words mean!

Twittonary.com is a new service aiming to provide Twitter users with an ability to understand oft-used words on Twitter. Essentially, it's a Wiki-like dictionary to interpret Tweets.  

Did you know? EMA" is short for email;  "da" - shorthand for the; "drive-by-Tweet" is post between tasks. "KK" is shorthand for cool. Many of these words simply translate as simple text speak.

Clearly, this Twittonary is just getting started. A simple search on the site yields only a certain number of results per letter, some having more then others:


It seems even from a brief glance at the Twitter account of Twittionary the company believe they live in the Twitter world (quite literally), often posting updates like this.

The concept of Tweeple however does span back further then this one Twitter update, there is a social network for Twitter folks called Tweeples.com and even a short reference in the Urban Dictionary. But as I mentioned what unites the people of Twitter is the sense of belonging thus why Tweeples exist, and yet we see that they thrive off a hugely interactive networks of other Twitter users who will communicate with them, it is rather fascinating to say the least.

I believe this concept of Twittonary.com should certainly be commended for being original. However, I miss the point of how this service may possibly be useful, let alone how it may turn a revenue with this.

Perhaps an intergration into the Twitter update box, autosuggestions for shortened words!

Visit  it at:



Image Source: https://twittonary.com/

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