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Bambi Francisco Roizen · November 12, 2008 · Short URL:

Low-cost carrier shifts from B2C model to B2B

Rather than compete with low-cost phone service providers, Montreal-based Mobivox, which allows people to make free or cheap phone calls, is increasingly partnering with them. In an effort to help service providers or communities generate more revenue, Mobivox is white-labeling its platform of services, such as voice-enabling calls and an online hosted address book. 

I caught up with Peter Diedrich, President and CEO, and Larry Lisser, SVP of marketing and business development, at the Under the Radar conference.

In this interview, Diedrich and Lisser talk about Mobivox's offerings and why partners, such as Jajah, are using their service to generate more mobile-initiated calls and increase average usage and revenue. Jajah has integrated Mobivox into Jajah Concierge. This service will let you use your mobile phone using Jajah, and activate a phone call to anyone in your address book by voice activating the request. Jajah users can also access their address book, which is hosted by Mobivox. 

Mobivox, which raised a total of $15 million in financing, including a $11 million round from IDG Ventures, Brightspark Ventures, and Skypoint Capital Corp. in October 2007, presented at the Under the Radar conference on Wednesday. 

Watch Diedrich give his pitch on Mobivox.

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