Tatango launches voice blasts

Bambi Francisco Roizen · October 14, 2008 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/483

Group messaging via voice

Tatango, the group messaging service that allows people to send blast text messages, announced that it will enable that same capability with voice. This means, anyone can use their mobile phone to record one message and send that message to a group.

For anyone on group family and friend email lists, this is a nice service. For one, at times, it might be refreshing to hear someone's voice rather than read their update. Two, you can listen to the message while you're driving. Three, if you're the sender of the message, it's a lot easier to make one call that reaches everyone at the same time.

Watch Derek Johnson's announcement of Tatango Voice. 



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Founded by Derek Johnson in his parent’s basement at the age of 22, Tatango is a group text messaging service that allows any group to communicate through group SMS.

With one message from the computer or mobile phone, the service has the ability to reach thousands of people, instantaneously. Initially built as a service to help fraternities communicate via text messaging, Tatango has grown to a leader in the industry, with groups ranging from the generic organization to fortune 500 businesses.

The Tatango service doesn’t require any special phone or its users to download any software to use the service.

Tatango is the redesign of networkText, a website that grew to over 260,000 users and 30 million text messages sent following their launch in October of 2007.

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