Mark Zuckerberg appears to shine at FOWA!

Josh Chandler · October 10, 2008 · Short URL:

Did he shake off all previous opposition from SWSX?

Well, everyone was very eager to pass comment on Zuckerberg back at South By Southwest back in March of this year, but it seemed he earned himself a huge reprieve today at the FOWA Conference in London, with this visit being heralded as Zuckerberg's first visit to London in 10 years,here is a quick snap taken by @hepp: made a great selection of the highlights
of Zuckerberg's talk, the particular ones I was looking forward to the most from that list were:


  • "Facebook’s implementation of things such as the Platform APIs and FBML" for more open implementation of the platform, instead of being a closed system.
  • Zuckerberg's further agreement that if he "would build Facebook (or any web application) the same today as he did four years ago he said no, especially given advances in cloud computing and the availability of other sites-as-platforms."
  • And finally that Zuckerberg "fixes bugs from time-to-time as a way to keep in touch with how the site is being developed and abstracted."
His general message of enabling people to share is very encouraging, and the added benefit of being more open will pay divends in rivalling Google's Open Social Initiative, but will Facebook truly write a new page in the Facebook History, or will the platform stay locked up and implement further into Microsoft's development in Windows Live!

Here's what you guys were saying on Twitter:

And here's what is being said on Friendfeed:

Keep your eyes open on the FOWA website for the Zuckerberg video interview:

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