Cricket: We've Entered a New Era in DNS

Gregory Ness · October 9, 2008 · Short URL:

- CSI Report notes emergence of DNS Attacks


According to Cricket Liu this new era of DNS that we've just entered will require us to be more nimble and more proactive.  Things may move fast, now that hackers can target DNS.  This second episode of bloxTV is an 18 minute "big picture" chat about DNS security and the impact of Kaminsky's discovery.  Cricket also talks about his early days as one of the world's first DNS guys.


In a related development CSI is reporting the emergence of DNS attacks:


"Enterprises are beginning to feel the heat from two emerging classes of exploits that have emerged over the past year: targeted attacks and DNS vulnerabilities, according to a new study scheduled to be released next week."  - Tim Wilson, Dark Reading


This is the second in a series of interviews by BroadDev blogger John Furrier with DNS expert Cricket Liu (the author of O'Reilly's DNS and BIND).  The series was inspired by Dan Kaminsky's DNS exploit discovery earlier this year.  An upcoming bloxTV interview will talk about DNSSEC, a collection of security extensions for name servers now being discussed within fed government circles.  You can read my disclaimer at: About ARCHIMEDIUS.

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