Sarah Austin, Leo Laporte at New Media Expo

Josh Chandler · August 27, 2008 · Short URL: Interview, and Sarah and Leo at New Media Expo!

Man, what a great combination these guys make even in the short episode we saw there, I almost felt these guys could do a Net@Nite type thing, but however not for Sarah to replace Amber (sorry Sarah, loyal Amber Mac fan right here). Sarah's podcast Pop17 is going from strength to strength, her range of internet guests never ceases to capture my imagination and her bubbly personality is so infectious.

However that is not the real meaning of the blog post, as much as I would love to spend a whole blog post reviewing Pop17, I feel I would almost be sucking up to Sarah too much. The real reason I am blogging out is to tell you that me and Sarah Austin did an brief interview recently for my podcast Technology Gazette, here is the direct link.

In this interview, which was marred by total mayhem at my end during parts of the show we discussed Sarah Austin's career, education and much more. It was a great chance for me to really find out what it was like for a former Lifecaster to be live video streaming to the world, what interesting people you guys are, maybe it will be me one day, although this video made by former lifecaster iJustine about might put me off the idea.



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