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Meliza Solan Surdi · August 26, 2008 · Short URL:

Seeking top musicians to back

These days, more and more artists can bypass traditional record labels, as long as they're really good at self promotion.

Social networks, such as, an online music community, hopes to be the platform that produces the next Grammy Award-winning artist, or the musical equivalent of MySpace star Tila Tequila. WeMix is a bit like Taltopia and GotCast, in that these companies help wannabe stars get noticed. was founded by Christoper Bridges - better known as Ludacris - a three-time Grammy Award-winning American rapper and actor, and his manager Chaka Zulu (who's in the video giving the WeMix pitch). LA-based start up  is a free comprehensive package for musicians across various genres. It launched in June of 2008 and has some 42,000 artists to date.

How it works

On, you have your own profile page (a requisite feature of social networks), you can upload your original songs, beats (instrumentals), vocals (a capella), riffs (short rhythmic phrase), and video. You own your own content. And, WeMix works on the honor system. They assume that the work you claim to be yours, is in fact yours. If an artist becomes super popular, he/she cannot license or transfer any rights to a third party without first negotiating with WeMix for "no less' than a three-month period. Basically, WeMix has the "right to first negotation" to sign a deal with that artist. That right remains even if you decide to just delete your profile and take down your work. The terms are pretty stringent.

So, here's an example of part of my profile page. I uploaded my video and added details to the description. 

A nice personal touch WeMix offers is the ability for you to leave a personal voicemail for when WeMix members contact you.

I was also able to make my own mash-ups by taking content from other artists, notably those on MixMonsta, YouTube, and DailyMotion, and make a "DJ/video mix."  The point of doing this is to help someone create new and cool sounds and styles.

Additionally, on, you can provide feedback by rating the song through the "fix it" or "mix it " system. If you are digging the song, you would choose to mix it. If you are totally "not feeling" the song, then you're more likely inclined to fix it.

Ultimately, the goal of is to find new unsigned artists. The ways to do that are through several fun and exciting contests. For example, to participate in the "Mike Shinoda's Glorious" contest, each person has to enter original songs inspired by the artwork of Grammy Award winning musician Mike Shinoda.

Mike will choose the five finalists and then the WeMix community will determine the winner. That winner will be flown into Los Angeles and Mike will join them in the studio to record that song. And, that's just one of the many upsides to being on WeMix - an opportunity to win a competition.

But much like real life, or like many sites out on the Web, it's a matter of marketing yourself. You can't just join and wait for things to happen. You have to prove yourself online by being proactive.


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WeMix is a new media company founded in 2007 as a joint venture between Disturbing Tha Peace Entertainment and MegaMobile TV.

How did WeMix get started? Matt Apfel, a reality TV producer, creative executive, and founder of MegaMobile TV, had an idea for a show about mashups between fans and rock stars. He sat down with Ludacris and DTP CEO Chaka Zulu and discovered that they wanted to do something similar.

Blessed with a group of forward-thinking angel investors, we've built WeMix to be a better way for the world to share and create original music. Together.

It's a simple deal: you sign up, create your page, upload your original songs, beats, vocals, riffs, and more. As a member you can collaborate on songs, offer feedback, and share ideas for new music with others. Most importantly you can vote for your favorite songs.

The top performers get a shot to turn their demos into real records—by collaborating with star musicians like Luda and with the entire WeMix community. And we'll put the whole thing on TV.

We hope you're as fired up about WeMix as we are.