China's Maxthon vs. Internet explorer

Rebecca Fannin · July 31, 2008 · Short URL:

CEO Jeff Chen talks about how China surfs the world

Jeff Chen took time out from his busy schedule to do this video interview with me at his office in Beijing. Jeff is not normally talkative, but even his investors were surprised to hear him talk so much about the winning features of the Web browser he designed. Jeff Chen is the CEO of Maxthon, a freeware browser based in China. Maxthon, according to Wikipedia, has been downloaded more than 150 million times around the world. 

In this interview, Jeff also told me about his tips for success: Find out what consumers REALLY want, work REALLY hard. What would he do over again? "I would do the same thing over again," he said. "It is what I can do!"

Listen to Jeff and find out why Maxthon is a rival to Internet Explorer.


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