Why iPod must ditch all of its accessories!

Josh Chandler · July 21, 2008 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/32c

Isn't it time that Apple just moved to one universal solution for iPod accesories such as docks?

Source: Regmedia.co.ukBeing an iPod owner myself for about two years now I just cannot appreciate the finer tastes that Apple has bought upon the iPod/iPhone generation, the docks, headphones, stands and speakers that line all the electronic store shelves it's just ridiculous to see how extreme the docks for example can get it never seizes to amaze me how much rubbish Apple and its affiliated partners can come up with just for accessories! Life is worth so much more then paying $30-$40 every time a new iPod or iPhone comes out and this is where life needs to become more universal for Apple.

Innovation in iPod Docks at a complete standstill

 One after the other, these iPod docks come and go more and more and more failing to make a lasting impression. It's for that reason that I have never bought a dock, the whole idea started back with Apple's Universal Dock but has just encouraged other companies to just replicate the design and thus helping to slow down innovation in the design of the docks. As much as I highlighted earlier about the extremeness of an iPod dock with a built in DVD Player it just shows the other companies just what is possible, and what really annoys me is just how some companies such as iWorld just thrive off these people making repeat buys of the updated stuff they bought just 3 months ago and we know why that is!

Apple, please stop changing the design of the iPod and its connection (discounting the iPod Touch and iPhone)!

If Apple was just that little bit more considerate to consumers needs as well as manufacturers I truly believe there wouldn't be this state of anxiety over whether it was worth the money for a new dock or set of speakers, as I noted they are discounted from iPod Touches and iPhone because they are changing those designs because of innovations, but when they update the Nano or the iPod classic and change the dock compatibility it just gets me!!

Even a quote from CRMNews.com truly sums up this problem, created back in 2005:

 "An accessories market has sprung up around the iPod, the impact of which I'm not sure Apple fully understands. You'll see a massive number of iPod accessories. Products will allow you to integrate the iPod into your car stereo or your house (such as a slot that installs in the wall), and there will also be new speakers, headphones and cases for the iPod."

So have I appeared to be too cynical towards the iPod accessories market, maybe so. But one thing is for sure is that Apple can not continue to create new media players that don't work at all with older docks or accessories!

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