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Aylon Steinhart · June 13, 2008 · Short URL:

 Out of luck? Take five minutes to surf the web, I can almost guarantee that you’ll get a free iPod and be the lucky 1,000,000th visitor who participates in a free cash giveaway*.  Although there will always remain a place in our hearts for these flashy banners, the world of cyber-advertising is moving beyond randomized banners. In the forefront of the internet advertising frontier is AdYouNet, a Palo Alto company that offers a unique way to advertise online.

AdYouNet is VC backed company founded in 2006 in the Silicon Valley. The idea behind AdYouNet is to identify the targeted user in order to deliver a specifically tailored advertisement that is both relevant and attractive. AdYouNet merges the relevancy of direct marketing with the reach and expandability of online advertising to give marketers the inside edge for more efficient advertising. 

According to the company’s website, “AdYouNet enables companies to deliver highly relevant messages, exclusively to their existing customers on any web page, anytime, in order to better monetize their existing customers.” What this means is that advertisements are not confined to a single page and are therefore not dependent on the target user. Where traditional banner advertisements are only seen by users that pass through a specific page, marketing through AdYouNet allows advertisements to reach users anytime they surf the web. Additionally, AdYouNet claims their customized messages from companies to consumers to be 100% accurate on the internet, without the use of emails.

But how does AdYouNet identify the target users? It uses the knowledge and data that exists in a company's customer records to allow for completely customized messages. The AdYouNet communication platform is part of major advertisement networks and exchanges so users are identified almost anywhere and anytime while online. AdYouNet can deliver tailored advertisement or incentive offer to an identified user, depending on the marketer’s segmentation and specific campaign goals.

Most importantly, however, is that AdYouNet asserts that marketing through its platform achieves a 25X-50X improvement in marketing efficiency. The company explains that selling to already existing customers is much more profitable than trying to gain new customers, so using the AdYouNet platform “is one of the most cost-effective ways to monetize your existing customers and make more money”.

AdYouNet’s progressive marketing platform appears to be attracting attention quickly. Although the company was founded in 2006, it has already seen investments from International Venture Fund (IVF) and others. Just recently AdYouNet raised $1M in investments from Xenia Venture Capital (TASE:XENA) and NetService Ventures.

As the internet advertising frontier continues to develop we will most likely see gaudy and irrelevant banners replaced with more focused and pertinent information. Hopefully for users and possible consumers, the online experience will be more applicable to our wants and needs with the influence of companies like AdYouNet.  

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