Saving a billion tons of emissions a year

Awais Khan · June 5, 2008 · Short URL:

While the media is consumed with news about fuels and emissions from transportation, Kevin Surace, CEO of Serious Materials, points out that in fact the "built environment" is responsible for 52% of the greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, which compares to only 9% for cars and light trucks.  

Serious Materials intends to tackle this problem by manufacturing eco-friendly products and disrupting building materials processes, some of which were invented as early as 1917! The company is building manufacturing plants right here at home in the US which will create thousands of "green collar" jobs.  

Kevin talks about the challenges of fitting in the existing ecosystem but he insists that the company is committed to its goal of saving one billion tons of green house gas emissions a year. He shares the timeline of achieving such a hefty target and invites other companies in the clean energy space to do the same by setting emission reduction goals!

(Note: Serious Materials has entered the KPMG/AlwaysOn/Vator clean tech competition. If you have a clean tech startup, you should too. Go to that competition by clicking here

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