Take the "Burnout Test" and get to Peak Performance. IvyBrain interviews Dr. Roe

Reena A Jadhav · March 7, 2008 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/171

Are you literally "dying of overwork?" Dr. Roe Gallo shares her burnout test and tells Reena Jadhav of IvyBrain that accumulation of stress can not only kill your performance, it can actually kill you! In Japan an estimated 10,000 businessmen die of "overwork" yearly.

Take the test to find out if you have burnout by answering questions such as "Do you have anger at those making demands on you?" and "Are you being excessively negative, pessimistic, and irritable?"

Answer "yes" to more than three questions and you are well on your way to serious issues that impact physical health. She also gives specific actionable steps on how to combat burnout such as "make a 5 minute daily appointment with yourself and think about the happiest times in your life or sipping a Mojito on a beach".

Dr. Gallo offers companies a Peak Performance program where she puts her executive team on a program that includes mental, physical and spiritual health. For questions on her peak performance program you can email Dr. Gallo at roe@roegallo.com    

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Reena A Jadhav

Reena Jadhav is a 4 time entrepreneur (Done.com, Conduit, JobFlash, Riiwards), now working on HealerPedia.com, start-up Advisor, and Investor with Valley incubators. Harvard MBA, Summa Cum Laude Wharton Business School.

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