Beet.TV's Andy Plesser says there's a big opportunity to monetize content

John Shinal · January 29, 2008 · Short URL:

Beet.TV is built on a simple premise, according to founder and CEO Andy Plesser.

"People in the business world like to watch other business people on video," says Plesser, a former public relations and media executive with more than two decades experience in the world of big media.

Plesser says his approach is like that of Charlie Rose, but without an interviewer with a powerful presence. Beet.TV's philosophy is to "let people speak for themselves," he says

That's a philosophy we share at, by the way. Like us, Plesser usually just points the camera at his subject and lets them talk.

Plesser has an eye out for the news, and several weeks ago was the first to report that MSNBC would begin sharing its video clips with other Web video sites via embed codes. also often gets well-known players in the worlds of tech and media to comment on trends and news.

We caught up with Plesser at the OnMedia conference in New York this week put on by AlwaysOn Network.

Several of the panel discussions at the conference focused on the potential difficulties that original content producers may face trying to raise venture capital.

Plesser agreed with that, but said that their is still a "big opportunity to monetize content through distribution.

"For people who can create an archive of good content that people want to see, there's a huge opportunity," he says. 

A company doing it just may not be a good candidate for venture capital, however.

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