Rocketboom's Andrew Baron tells VCTV: build the audience, then write the biz plan

John Shinal · January 25, 2008 · Short URL:

At, when we say that we're an online NETWORK for innovators, we mean that word in every way.

Like a business network, our site is a great place to meet other startup entrepreneurs -- or find talented people who want to work for a young company.

And like a traditional media network, we give content creators a chance to distribute their shows to a wider audience.

Given the mad rush to create the next big thing for digital Hollywood, many of the pitches on our site are from creators of entertainment.

But some folks are focused on news, and today we want to feature someone in our community who covers an area close to our own mission.

Venture Capital TV is a Montreal-based startup founded by Canadian entrepreneur Kristina Tomaz-Young, who's taking full advantage of's network platform.

If you go to Kristina's profile page here, you can see that by posting a series of videos to her pitch page, she has essentially created her own channel to showcase interviews she's done with startup entrepreneurs. 

Today, we want to show you one of those she did with Andrew Baron, the founder of Rocketboom, a fast-growing and popular site that produces funny, fast-paced and edgy Web content every day.

In the interview, one of three parts, Andrew tells Kristina how he approached building Rocketboom: by first building an audience, then later figuring out how to turn it into a business.

Baron also offers solid advice on transparency and non-exclusive ad partnerships that are good fodder for anyone building an original-content site on the Web.

To see more about Rocketboom, click here. And to see more from Kristina, you can check back with her profile page, go to, or just stay tuned to our newsroom, where we'll feature the best of her content.

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