Ellen Leanse of 222do looking for lovers of lists on social networks

John Shinal · January 15, 2008 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/ec

People who love lists will love 222do, a new startup that's built a Facebook application that allows the social networking site's users to build and share lists.

"There's real utility in it," says company co-founder and CEO Ellen Leanse.

Launched in early December, the application had more than 500 users a few days later, when this interview was filmed.

The company's technology and business plan were good enough to make it one of the winners of the SDForum business plan competition we hosted here on Vator.tv. 

Holiday gift-buying lists, to-do lists and travel-planning lists are just some of the types of lists that users are building.

Some of those could be very interesting to online advertisers in specific vertical markets who want to reach users with behavioral-targeted ads. 

Like the thousands of other application developers using the Facebook platform, 222do hopes to get a piece of that action. 

"The timing is right, given the evolution of Facebook as an advertising platform," says Leanse, a former executive with Apple Computer.

The company also has plans to develop applications for other social networking platforms, including the Open Social platform spearheaded by Google. 

222do has raised a seed round from an angel investor and is currently looking for funding, which it plans to use to develop its product. 

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