Lessons Learned: Microsoft's Dan'l Lewin is a big believer in distribution

John Shinal · December 6, 2007 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/be

Many startups fail for lack of distribution and sales; take more cash than you need

The interview we ran last week with Microsoft's Dan'l Lewin generated so much discussion that we wanted to put him back in the newsroom at the first opportunity -- this time for our Lessons Learned series. 

In this video, the Microsoft group vice president and Silicon Valley point man shares his advice for startup entrepreneurs.

"I have a strong belief in selling and channels," Lewin told us. "Most companies fail because of a lack of distribution and sales." 

While it's easy to see that advice through the prism of his role at Microsoft, before Lewin joined the software giant he was CEO of Aurigin Systems, a software startup.

Before that, Lewin spent more than a decade at Microsoft's long-time archenemy: Apple Computer, where he directed the company's sales and marketing efforts to the education community, long one of Apple's most loyal customer groups.

After that, Lewin was a founding Vice President of NeXT Computer, the hardware maker Steve Jobs founded after being forced out of Apple in his first go round as CEO. 

Lewin also gives us his take on a question that's elicited a wide array of answers -- how much money to take.

"You can't get your products and services to market without money," Lewin says. "Take more money than you think you need." 


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