Cittio growing fast as network devices proliferate, but big rivals loom

John Shinal · November 8, 2007 · Short URL:

The explosion in the number of devices connected to the edge of corporate computer networks has fueled fast growth for Cittio, whose software automates the monitoring and management of enterprise systems.

While the company's product, called WatchTower, used to primarily monitor servers and routers inside corporate data centers, it now keeps track of kiosks, point-of-sale machines, wireless access points and hand held devices that are part of nearly all enterprise data systems.

"The challenge for IT departments to monitor (their systems) is greater than it's ever been," says CEO Jamie Lerner. 

That helped drive the company's revenue 800% higher last year, and Cittio's annual sales are now "above $10 million," Lerner says. 

Still, the company, founded in 2001, faces some huge rivals, including Hewlett-Packard, IBM and others.

To get a foothold in customer accounts, Cittio has focused on monitoring of edge access points and often leaves the data-center monitoring to its larger competitors.

That's helped it win customers like Pizza Hut, the department store chain Mervyn's and money-management giant T. Rowe Price.

Cittio has raised $16 million to date, and Lerner says it's "conceivable" that he'll raise more money in the next year.

And given all the hardware acquisitions of late, Lerner is keeping an open mind toward potential acquisition offers. 



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