Fliqz CEO Benjamin Wayne on supplying video solutions to smaller businesses

John Shinal · November 1, 2007 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/89

While Video Egg and Brightcove have gained a lot of traction providing online video solutions to the sites of large companies, Fliqz CEO and founder Benjamin Wayne says there's room for his company in the smaller end of the market.

Fliqz's platform is a toolbar that extends the capability of the Internet Explorer browser to support different types of video technologies, including Flash and streaming video. It provides companies with a solution they can customize to fit their user base, Wayne says.

The company provides what he calls "plug and play" solutions to sites that reach an aggregate 70 million users per month. Well-known customers include Friendster and Pediawiki.

Another selling point for customers? Fliqz doesn't lock users into its ad network.

The company was originally going to target the consumer market, but the explosive success of YouTube caused Fliqz to switch gears.

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