1:1 Interview with TalkPlus Chairman and Founder Jeff Black

Bambi Francisco Roizen · September 18, 2007 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/51

The  $1.2 trillion global telecom market is projected to grow to $1.6 trillion by 2010. In this interview, Jeff Black, the Chairman and founder of TalkPlus, talks about how his company provides telephony services that enable customers to make and receive low cost long distance phone calls. Specifically, Jeff discusses the number of users and how the Menlo Ventures backed company is building business and consumer side partnerships to grow the business. Jeff also explains how TalkPlus’ narrow band VoIP technology and the company’s unique way of working in the telephony infrastructure provides for higher quality calls and better rates which – according to Jeff – sets TalkPlus apart from its competitors, such as Skype or Vator.tv community member JaJah. Finally, Jeff talks about the funding status of TalkPlus. To see Jeff’s thoughts on entrepreneurship and the importance of patents in the process of building a business, click here. To see Jeff's pitch for TalkPlus, click here.

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