1:1 Interview with Media River CEO Al Wasserberger

Entrepreneur interview by Bambi Francisco Roizen
September 6, 2007
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Media River CEO Al Wasserberger talks about how the company’s ClickSurge content widget helps websites drive traffic by tapping into the blogosphere and other content providers. Al explains how the widget works using their client ‘The Motley Fool’ as an example. He also discusses the widget’s click through rate of 4-6%, and elaborates on how MediaRiver’s widget differs from Sphere’s which generates click through rates of about 1% (to see Bambi's interview with Sphere's CEO Tony Conrad click here). Al then goes on to talk about the visual semantics and meta search approach the widget applies. Finally, Al talks about the company’s business model and its competitor Aggregate Knowledge which follows a wisdom of the crowds rather than a contextual analysis approach. To see Al's pitch for Media River and demo of the widget click here. To see Bambi's interview with Aggregate Knowledge CEO Paul Martino and Flixster CEO Joe Greenstein talking about online discovery click here.