July 17, 2013 – 2:30 pm to 11:30 pm – Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco



The Series A Crunch is on!  

The venture capital industry has been shifting for the last decade, but the last several years has seen it transform dramatically, particularly with the introduction of new venture funds, new financing models, and new early-stage participants, such as angels and accelerators/incubators. At the same time, the ambient capital at the seed stages has birthed an army of startups that have little chance of living to their full potential.

It's not sustainable. Indeed, we're seeing the first ramifications of the topsy-turvy venture world - a Series A crunch - which is leaving a bunch of half-baked startups scrambling to survive or be acquired.

How do we navigate through this change? How do we build innovative new companies that scale? This is a forum to talk about the startup formation process, "exit" dynamics and the strategies that create the "best" companies, given the restraints and new opportunities.

Hosted by Vator and Bullpen Capital, Venture Shift will be held on the evening of July 17, 2013 at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco.

Last year, Shift focused on the JOBS Act and how it would affect fundraising. In 2011, Shift focused on the explosion of new capital seeding a plethora of startups and the anticipated Series A crunch.

This year, we'll focus on how the venture capital industry is innovating to prove out their models, to attract new investors, and to build out tomorrow's leading companies.   

Join us on the evening of July 17, 2013 in San Fracisco along with top angels, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to explore the changes disrupting the VC industry. 

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