July 19, 2012 – 4pm to 10 pm – Julia Morgan Ballroom, San Francisco




The new era of venture investing

The disruption of the venture business is accelerating, and the options for funding are expanding. In the last few years, incubators and accelerators have come into vogue, providing a new source of funding for an ever-increasing pool of start-ups. At the same time, yesterday's successful multi-millionaire entrepreneurs have become today's angels and the JOBS Act is expected to open the floodgates to even more capital next year. Or will it? 

Join us on the evening of July 19, 2012 in San Francisco along with top angels, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to explore the changes disrupting the VC industry.

The questions to explore are: Are accelerators/incubators here to stay? There’s a plethora of incubators/accelerators, but can they survive? How does the JOBS Act help/hurt? After a decade of abysmal returns, many VC funds have closed up, and then a bunch of new funds have emerged. Who are they? What’s their value to entrepreneurs? Who will be the winners in the long run? There are a lot of funds going into early-stage deals and a lot going into later-stage deals. But there’s a dead zone in between. How much of a problem is this? What's the new exit look like? $100M exit or $1 Billion IPO? With so many start-ups being funded with under $1M, are the new investors looking for M&A exits? If so, does that change the way start-ups are being formed and built?

This event is ideal for entrepreneurs seeking to understand the new world order of venture financing from start to finish. Super angels, angels and venture capitalists should also join the event to mingle and connect with fellow investors shaping the new era of venture investing.



Dave McClure,
500 Startups
Kate Mitchell,
Scale VP
Ann Miura-Ko,
Alexander Mouldovan,
Bambi Francisco,
Chris Hulls,
Corey Reese,
Ness Computing
Craig Sherman,
Meritech Capital
Dave Samuel,
Dave Whorton,
Duncan Davidson,
Bullpen Capital

Ethan Kurzweil,
Bessemer VP

Ezra Roizen,
Ackrell Capital

Jeff Clavier,
SoftTech VC
Jessica Alter,
Founder Dating
melmon Matt Ocko
John Tayman,
Lawrence Coburn,
Marcus Ogawa,
Quest VP
Matt Ocko,
Data Collective
Michael Neril,
Michael W. Stocker 120622110506763
Michael W. Stocker,
Labaton Sucharow
Noah J. Doyle,
Javelin VP
Patrick Chung,
Paul Martino,
Bullpen Capital
Renata Streit Quintini,
melmon Jeff Bloom 120619090031643 Stacey Bishop
Rich Levandov,
Avalon Ventures
Richard Melmon,
Bullpen Capital
Rick Marini,
Roger Royse,
Royse Law Firm
Stacey Bishop,
Scale VP

Stewart Alsop,
Louie Partners

Thomas Korte,

 Trevor Kienzle,
Correlation Ventures