SplashX - Invent Health: Future of Clinics

SplashX - Invent Health: Future of Clinics

Seeking startups revolutionizing our clinics and local care
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Spiraling healthcare costs, aging baby boomers with chronic conditions, a physician shortage combined with advances in technology are driving changes in our nation's clinics.


This is compelling drugstores (CVS and Walgreens) - with a large retail footprint - to transform their services from selling toilet paper and batteries to selling more and more healthcare products and services. It's getting Amazon to partner with JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway. It's getting entrepreneurs to create new clinics, like Welville, Forward, CityBlock, One Medical and Oscar Health (insurer with its own clinic). But it's also getting startups to focus on new services on mobile to replace in-office visits, or services that prevent us or encourage us from getting sick in the first place! 


As investors, we want to know startups helping to innovate in this area.


If you're a startup (with no more than $4M-$5M raised) with a vision of improving caregiving and wellness at our local clinics, while dramatically driving down costs, we'd like to meet you!


Several startups will be selected to attend and present at SplashX Invent Health in front of a highly-curated, mostly invite-only group of healthtech influencers (investors, healthcare executives). SplashX Invent Health will be focusing on "The Future of Clinics."


See event, and if you're not selected, you can just get tickets HERE!