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As a medical student, I interviewed many patients for their history and physical examination information. I found quite a few of them should have gone to the hospital sooner, and also many who did not need to be there at all. At the time, I wished there existed a quick and affordable screening tool to address these issues. Subsequently, while studying for my healthcare management MBA, I learned the best way to bring costs down is to make a near-perfect competitive marketplace and keep the minimum charges low. By creating an Uber-like location-based aggregative online marketplace for doctors and patients that would allow for video consultations charged by the minute, patients could have access to instant medical consultations. In other words, doctors would be accessible in the same manner as an Uber driver; patients could select the doctor of their choice with their finger-tips and start an instant medical consultation – one with affordable fees, as they would only pay per minute used for the consultation.


Hence, ZtoMed was born. Our Minimum Viable Product came out July 1st, 2018 and we have recently started to conduct beta testing. We need $250K to complete the beta testing to recruit more physicians and build the associated infrastructure, such as hiring customer service representatives and a lawyer. 


By making medical services instant, convenient and affordable, people are more likely to seek medical help earlier, which in turn can prevent diseases from worsening. Incorporated with personalized precision medicine, ZtoMed will guide patients towards the best treatment regimen. For cancer patients, getting second and third opinions is particularly important; ZtoMed will make this process much simpler. Often, medical practice involves teamwork as patients frequently see multiple specialists. ZtoMed's Version 2, the scheduling function, will enable coordinated simultaneous group consultations involving many doctors and one patient, which will allow for a truly patient-centered clinical practice. For international patients, ZtoMed Version 3 will offer an interpreter service so that global citizens can get medical help from the best doctor of their choice.


Anyone could have a sudden heart attack, or begin choking – and in either scenario, one might have less than five minutes to survive. Should survival be left to the chance that a doctor might happen to be passing by? No! With ZtoMed, a bystander would be able to teleport a doctor immediately with the “Golden Minutes” function on the homepage of the ZtoMed app with their smartphone. Under the guidance of a ZtoMed Emergency Physician, that same willing-to-help bystander would then be able to perform CPR or the Heimlich technique. In this manner, ZtoMed will allow us to build a healthier society together.