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Company description

Zooppa is a platform for user-generated advertising, inspired by the principles of crowdsourcing and the dynamics of social networking. With a community of more than 60,000 people, Zooppa offers brands an innovative model for producing advertising, generating word-of-mouth, and gaining consumer insights. Zooppa has launched over 90 user-generated advertising campaigns for major brands such as Google, Nike, Hershey’s, General Mills, Microsoft, NBC Universal, and Mini Cooper.  A list of current campaigns can be found here: http://zooppa.com/contests.


How Does It Work?

Zooppa partners with companies to launch user-generated advertising competitions. Each company provides a creative brief outlining the objectives of the advertising campaign. Zooppa members are then invited to create ads that are tailored to the company's needs in competition for cash prizes. These ads can take many forms including video, print, banners, concepts and radio. Grand prize winners are selected exclusively by the brands, and additional awards are given to creators as determined by vote of the Zooppa community and selection by the Zooppa staff.