ZipZap Inc.
Location: One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Founded in: 2011
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
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ZipZap Inc.

Shop Online; Pay Cash Offline
Canary Wharf, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Company description

We are currently the world's largest aggregated cash payment network for digital currency purchases, e-wallet top ups, and online commerce transactions. Please find some more information about ZipZap below. ZipZap's proprietary 'CashCloud' platform enables online merchants to work with consumers who prefer cash and are not tied to a bank providing them with a free and easy to use API registration code. Merchants can increase sales and reduce transaction costs while expanding market share to reach consumers who don't have credit cards (e.g. teens) and consumers who have credit cards, but won't use them online for privacy or fraud concerns. Consumers online can pay cash offline at any one of 700K+ payment centre locations worldwide including retail, banks, post offices, grocery stores, lottery houses, and self-service kiosks.

Our innovative 'CashCade' solution helps merchants reduce abandonment rates and capture lost revenue by offering a cash payment option to customers who experience 'declined' credit card transactions. As a result, merchants earn incremental revenue while providing an enhanced customer experience.

Using 'CashTab' customers can now top-up their e-wallets on the go by visiting any of our participating payment centres and simply deposit cash only using their assigned ZipZap account number. The e-wallet processor is informed in real time and funds are available before the consumers leave the store.

Our unique "API for Cash" solution provides Payment Service Providers and FinTech clients the ability to seamlessly and easily add a cash payment option to their platform. We also the cash payment network behind many Bitcoin exchanges in the world including BitInstant, Bitstamp, Tradehill, CoinX, and others. As consumers around the world gain more affluence, ZipZap is ideally positioned to meet the needs of cash-centric communities. We partner with commerce merchants, ewallets, prepaid card providers, currency exchanges, rental payment agencies and many others, allowing people to digitise their cash in a variety of different ways. For further information about ZipZap and our services please take a look at the links below.

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Business model

ZipZap works as follows:

1 ) Merchants integrate with ZipZap Products by connecting to our API to allow for cash payments online. We have three major products:

2) Consumers of the merchants buy goods online and receive a payment slip with they choose to pay with cash.

3) Consmers can pay cash at one of our 700,000 payment center locations worldwide.

4) ZipZap settles directly with the merchant. We charge a transaction fee which, depending on the use case, is paid by the consumer or the merchant.


Competitive advantage

Our main advantages include the following:

- Our API is robust and flexible. Merchants can easily integrate ZipZap into their websites. Also, merchants can use ZipZap to be able to accept digital currencies such as Ripple or Bitcoin.

- Our global reach far surpasses the competition: we have over 700,000 payment center locations enabling convenience for the end consumer.