The Green Moving Box
Hayward, California, United States United States
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Company description

Everyone has probably moved at least once in their life.  We can all agree that in addition to being costly, complicated, and wasteful....moving quite frankly sucks!  Most of us will typically move with cardboard boxes we purchase from our local U-Haul store.

ZippGo makes moving cheaper,  faster, and greener!  We've created a service that rents and delivers reusable green moving boxes made from 100% recycled plastic to residential and office clients.  The boxes are delivered using a biodiesel  powered truck, come pre-assembled, no tape is required; they are crush proof, tear proof, and waterproof.  The client packs and moves and we pick up the boxes from their new location at their convenience.


Business model
There are more than 40 million people who move annually in the United States using cardboard boxes. Our green moving box solution will make moving greener by eliminating the need to make and use a cardboard box, make moving faster and cheaper by speeding up the packing process, and simplify moving by delivering our sturdy boxes direct to our client's door.
Competitive advantage
Our boxes are delivered and picked up.  We rent our boxes for up to 50% less than the total cost of buying and assembling cardboard boxes with tape.  Unlike cardboard boxes, ZippGo boxes are crush proof, tear proof, and water proof.