Zipityzap Internet Television.
Ellicott City, Maryland, United States United States
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Company description
Zipityzap is a quick and easy way to find and watch lots of great internet television and movies.  Watch on your PC or TV.  It also works with a wireless remote control.
Business model

Free web service with display or ppc advertising

Competitive advantage

1. clean, easy-to-use internet television portal

2. watch on your TV via your laptop with a $20 cable - no expensive box required

3. free, ad-supported 

4. brings internet television closer to traditional television by allowing viewers to select channels with a $50 wireless remote control

5. over 100 popular channels organized into 17 logical categories (CNN, Hulu, etc.) and lots of great, new "niche" programming that you can't get on cable or satellite

6. unlimited channel capacity unlike cable or satellite

7. no software download required (unless user purchases remote control)