Location: 1560 Central Ave N, St. Petersburg, Florida, United States United States
Founded in: 2018
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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We're making quick, convenient, and eco-friendly deliveries by drone the new standard.
St. Petersburg, Florida, United States United States

Zing is building a drone delivery platform utilizing a massive pre-existing network of consumer drones. The company builds autonomous drone flight software as well as drone delivery devices which are compatible with DJI drones.

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Company description

Zing builds autonomous software and delivery devices for DJI drones. We are making quick, convenient, and eco-friendly by drones the new standard. We are also providing drone pilots with a new and exciting way to monetize their drone. We are aiming to facilitate a quick and eco-friendly online ordering platform for restaurants around the globe.




Business model

Zing currently earns revenue by selling custom delivery boxes for DJI drones.

When the platform is released, Zing will earn money as part of a three sided marketplace. It is much like the Uber Eats model, except our drivers are drone pilots. Restaurants will pay a $299 monthly subscription to allow drones to pick up items from their business. Users will pay a $5 fixed fee to the drone pilot.

Competitive advantage

Uber Eats just entered the drone delivery space today with their initiative Uber Air. Wing received their Part 135 certificate last month and have already started making drone deliveries in Blacksburg, VA. Both of these companies are missing a critical piece that will prevent them from scaling quickly.

Zing is utilizing the network of over 100,000 commercially certified drone pilots across the United States. The vast majority of these pilots use and trust DJI drones. Our software is already compatible with any DJI drone right out of the box. Other companies are struggling to reinvent the drone that the 6,000 employees at DJI have already perfected.