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Company description

ZhenHub is an online command center for the global retailer to execute their global logistics operations with a single click. This allows them to focus on growing and scaling their business, all while saving costs and identifying inefficiencies. ZhenHub identifies itself as a platform for small and large e eCommerce retailers as well as logistics providers with an online presence. We've created a shared economy within the logistics industry to make use of underutilized resources, such as unused space in warehouses.

Business model

Zhenhub’s revenue model is two-fold.

  1. ZhenHub lists and offers logistics services from its partners and takes a 10-20% commission on all logistics service offerings.
  2. ZhenHub has a SaaS platform that allows user to manage their inventory, orders and shipment tracking which is charged on a monthly subscription basis (39 USD/month on average)


The global logistics market is valued at 14 Trillion USD. We’ve calculated our total addressable market at $50 billion. By the end of December 2017, we aim to generate $300,000 in monthly revenue

Competitive advantage

Currently, there is no other platform that offers the wide range of services that we do. We assist retailers right from managing orders to actually shipping their products straight from factories in China to any part of the world in a cost-effective manner. We even help our customers with customs clearance, quality control and insurance - everything logistics related. Additionally, ZhenHub Technologies Ltd. has a presence in over 10 countries with partnerships with over 30 warehouses. Instead of investing heavily in fixed assets such as trucks, ships, containers and warehouses, we use underutilized resources and pass on the savings to our customers.


Furthermore, our platform has already integrated with Shopify and Indiegogo. This has made it easier for E-commerce retailers on these platforms using us to seamlessly manage their orders, inventory, and shipping and tracking operations on a single dashboard.