ZEXsports.com, INC

ZEXsports.com, INC
ZEXsports Connects Brands to Youth Through Action Sports
Santa Monica, California, United States United States
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Company description
ZEXsports is a digital media company focused on connecting brands with the emerging youth market through local action sports events.

  • Espree Devora
    Espree Devora | Team member
    Espree Devora is founder and CEO of ZEXsports, a digital media company, connects brands to youth through local action sports events.  She has provided seminars in interactive content and social media at Georgetown University, Media Bistro, th...
Business model
Subscription based model.
Competitive advantage
ZEXsports has the largest and only comprehensive database of local action sports events. In this word of mouth industry its all about relationships. Being a media company beforehand we have locked down trusted key relationships with all the influencers, brands, event producers and athletes in the industry.