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Company description

Youreeeka offers, as far as we know, the only embeddable flash player with an integrated payment gateway. This means content owners can easily sell their proprietary video content on any virtually any web space they have access too.


Youreeeka also offers a robust affiliate program to let other people market video content within the Youreeeka network and earn money for their efforts.


Business model

For a nominal fee of $99 a year, and a 40% share of the gross sales, Youreeeka provides producers will all the encoding, file preparation, bandwidth, storage, and credit card transaction services necessary to turn their video products into high quality, streaming flash players with an integrated payment gateway.


We supply our producers with simple embed codes that form a pipeline to pump high quality video through any low cost, web outlet without incurring additional bandwidth fees from the site host. 



Competitive advantage

Youreeeka markets an embeddable flash player to take advantage of the Web 2.0 "push not pull" environment.


Other competitors offer the "Mother Ship" model of having customers come to the main site to purchase products and must often also use proprietary DCM schemes which hinder the customers ability to view or otherwise access the products. 


Youreeeka is based on Flash and delivers the video content as true streaming media through our CDN partner. We protect the files location by utilizing our custom 128 bit govt. grade, rotating encryption method ensuring that the people who paid for the media, and only those people, have access to it… 24/7 and around the world.