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Company description

You Scoop it is a place where anyone can share or write about news events, reviews of their favorite places/things, micro-blog (Mini-Scoops), opinions, and whatever else that interests them.  

We are taking 'citizen journalism' and user reviews to the next level by combining both of them in one place, while mixing in a very robust social network to share and build communities.

Business model

Our current business model relies heavily on advertising and will eventually build through a ad platform that we call "unique commissioned advertising".  We will be able to offer such an platform due to our very low overhead and ability to adapt quickly as a smaller company.

Our sustainable business model includes both revenue from third-party ad platforms such as 'AdWords' and 'AdBrite', as well as selling ad space through our network as well.

We would also consider charging businesses or companies for "sponsored" reviews or news articles which showcase who they are and what they're doing.

Competitive advantage

We have several advantages over our competitors like All Voices and NowPublic, in that we offer unique 'badges' that our users can earn based on their site activity, participation and achievements.  

We also offer both news and reviews in one place, which nobody else is doing at all.  Not to mention, we offer a micro-blogging system called 'Mini-Scoops' which are comparable to "tweets" on Twitter.

We are combining all these things into a social news and reviews network, that will eventually become the flagship for citizen journalism and user reviews.