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Company description

YogaTailor is like Pandora, for online Yoga Videos

There are plenty of websites that do online yoga videos but yogatailor has a very unique approach, customized and personalized sequences that are tailored within seconds and streamed. For the user this means easy and simple access to personalized yoga instruction wherever they are , whenever they want.

The user clicks on a couple of buttons selecting amount of time available, ability and any restrictions (like pregnancy, back pain) and within a few seconds, a customized yoga session starts streaming. The website keeps track of the user's progress so that the sequences are different and adapt based on the user's progress.

Business model

YogaTailor is a subscription based service, $7.99 gives full acess to unlimited customizations. Packages for an year start at 59.99

There is a 15 day free trial to help users decide if they want to get the paid subscription.

Competitive advantage

There are 3 major competitors - other online providers, DVDs and real Yoga Studios

1) Simplicity- its like the difference between at&t DVR and Tivo... Try going to youtube or myyogaonline and find a video that is suitable for you... try the same at yogatailor. With 2-3 clicks, you have a video thats been customized for you

2) DVDs get stale, after a few runs, you get bored. Not with YogaTailor. Everytime the user logs in, they get a new sequence - keeps the workouts fresh and the user stays motivated

3) Real Studios can get very expensive. A single visit to a Yoga Studio in San Francisco is about $10. On YogaTailor you can get a whle month of acess for $7.99

4) Convenience - For people who travel or have busy lives (work, kids, groceries, baby sitters) , YogaTailor is a real boon. We(YT) get a lot of feedback from single moms and traveling execs who want to be able to do yoga more regularly.