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Yield Software, Inc.
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San Mateo, California, United States United States
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Company description
Yield Software's complete Yield Web Marketing Suite for Business and for Agencies includes a Paid Search Optimizer for management of PPC campaigns; Natural Search Optimizer for improved SEO and page rank; and Landing Page Optimizer, which includes a multivariate test engine to ensure landing pages are converting as well as possible.  Our system enables businesses of all sizes and growing agencies to fully embrace the potential of search marketing across Google, Bing and Yahoo! All of which leads to increased traffic to websites at a lower overall cost, resulting in greater conversion rates and increasing revenues.  Try a free 15-day trial or learn more at www.yieldsoftware.com.
Business model
Minimum monthly subscription or a percentage of PPC spend, which ever is greater.
Competitive advantage

Only Yield Software "closes the loop" on search engine marketing (SEM) through our fully integrated, Web-based Yield Web Marketing Suite. Search marketing is most effective when three key elements in the equation are in perfect alignment: pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns; websites optimized for natural (or organic) search (SEO); and landing pages that are optimized for peak conversions (LPO).  


To date, achieving this closed-loop ideal has been a highly manual, time-consuming process that relies on multiple disaggregated tools and consultants that, to many, feels mysterious and headache-inducing.  Our Yield Web Marketing Suite goes a long way toward addressing these issues by automating the processes and optimization of PPC, SEO and LPO within an easy-to-use, cloud-based app.  Where advertisers are required to take an action, we create clear, easy-to-understand action item lists that simplify even those most complex tasks. All of which leads to lower costs, higher volume and improved conversion rates.


It's why we say our Yield Web Marketing Suite is the complete, easy and profitable way to grow your business online.